Tideswell Wakes Week is an ancient tradition said to be  over 750 years old.  Wakes In Tideswell, like in many other Peakland Villages, is accompanied by the tradition of Well Dressing.  Wakes Week starts on the Saturday nearest to saints’ day for St John the Baptist which is usually in late June and runs until the following Sunday.

Wakes Week is made up of a week long series of festivities – including the crowning of the “Wakes Royalty”,  a young girl becomes the Wakes Queen, and younger one becomes the “Rosebud Princess”. Their Royal duties involve acting as young ambassadors for the village for the rest of the year.

Big Saturday & The Torchlight Parade

A traditional torchlight procession parades through the village, twice on “Big Saturday” kept in time by Tideswell Band (who play a unique tune called the Tideswell Processional). The Torchlight Procession is considered to be one of the highlights of Wakes week, and many people take part dancing through the streets performing a jaunty Morris Dance to the Tidza Processional.